Frequently Asked Questions: 

F. A. Q.'s

Where are you located?  We are located at 830 Fairview Ave C1, Bowling Green, KY 42101.  We are hidden in a large warehouse behind the strip mall with our Starz Elite Signage.  Drive around the Shogun Drive-Thru, and you will see our warehouse where all dance and gymnastics takes place.


Are you open with Covid-19?  Yes, we are thankful to be back and growing.  Currently we can allow students to take class with no mask, and one adult to watch class wearing a mask.

Do I have to pay to register?  Yes, we are only interested in serious students.  There is a non refundable $25 registration fee that must be paid each year, for every first student, $10 for sibling.  Registration must be renewed each August.  Please be sure you, and your student, and your family, are all ready for this commitment.  Also, all students must enroll in autopay, and have a credit card or bank account on file to register and participate in any class.


How big are your classes?   Group classes need a minimum of 4 students, and max out around 12 students varying some with age and skill level.  Privates and semi privates are offered if there is availability.

Can I pay when I come to class?  No, classes must be registered and paid before arrival.  All students must enroll in autopay, and have a credit card or bank account on file to register and participate in any class.

Can I get a refund?  While we refund, or credit missed months, and partial amounts for health issues, moving over 60 miles away, financial issues, broken bones, and those odd surprises, our policy is NO REFUNDS!  We are only looking for serious students, and want all students to complete the semester, or the year for competitive students. Quitting does not mean your tuition ends, just that the child isn't attending classes.  Please do not sign up and pay unless you know this is a good fit.  You may visit, get a tour, and observe classes before joining.


Can I watch?  One adult may watch your student each week.  We also have 4 cameras that allow you to log in from anywhere to observe classes.  Once you are registered you can request the directions to watch live classes.

Can I get ready at Starz Elite?  No, we ask that you arrive dressed and ready at this time, although we hope to have our changing rooms open soon.  

What should I bring?  Students should come dressed in appropriate clothing for their class, and hair should be out of face.  If hair touches the shoulders it should be pulled into a tight ponytail, or style ready and able to last the whole class.  Students may only bring in purse, phone, water bottle, (no water will be available be sure your child comes with water!!), and a small dance or gym bag.


Can we make up a missed class?  Yes!  We want your child to succeed, and we can allow students to make up missed classes.  Please call, text or email to find out a make-up time, and we will do what we can to help you get your tuition moneys worth! 

Current precautions and procedures for attending a class during the Covid-19 Pandemic at Starz Elite:


- Teachers and Parent/Guest must wear a mask at all times in the building.

- Only 1 Adult may watch each class